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ROOTSTIME CD REVIEW (in Dutch with translation

John McVey is a veteran of the Texas blues scene. John had the blues legends as mentors another

Texas soul/blues legend Larry Davis (1936-1994) and the blues guitarist Albert King (1923-1992). McVey has performed around the world on with "Hook Herrera & the Hitchhikers" and "Paul Orta & the kingpins". John joined "The Lavelle White Band" as a guitarist and band leader, with whom he toured for several



In 2002, "John McVey & the Stumble" from their debut album "Gone To Texas" featuring Kim Wilson,

Joel Guzman, Larry Fulcher, Frosty and Mike Buck. In 2009, seven years later, they bring a second

album “Road House Stomp” out. John McVey brings his third album in 2013 "Meet Me In Houston.”

The album has been produced by Andrew Reed. Currently occurs in the Houston/Galveston area with

John on his band, with the musicians Alfred Kennedy (bass) and Juan Abair (drums). Sometimes Barry Seelen (Hammond B3) joined the trio.


On the last album, a "live" studio album without "overdubs", by John McVey are twelve tracks, including four covers. John took the album with the legendary drummer Barry "Frost" Smith, bassist from Detroit, James Cloyd Jr. with and without Asheville keyboard player Aaron Price.


Album tracks: 1 "Bayou Boogie!"-2 "I'm Yours"-3 "Thief"-4 "Wish Me Well" [*] – 5 "Blue Guitar" [*] – 6 "Through The Tears"-7 "Dealing From The Bottom" [*] – 8 "I Don't Stutter"-9 "Meet Me In Houston"-10 "Same thing" [*] – 11 "Freddie King Goes Surfing"-12 "Walking In The Footsteps" – All songs written by John McVey, except * (4) by Memphis Slim, (5) by Earl Hooker (7) by Lonesome Sundown & (10) by Willie Dixon


The opener of the album 1 "Bayou Boogie!" is, as John itself indicates, a boogie. It is a perfect number for a live concert (indoor/outdoor, that does not matter) to open. This spicy instrumental, the public will, they, too, with two left feet, definitely get dancing. The number sounds neither trite, nor overbewerkt. It finds the right balance between the solid guitar riffs and a melody, that is as contagious as the flu. The reverberant effect of McVey's lead guitar towards the end, positive work here.

To hear the keyboards is Aaron Price. Track 8 "I Don't Stutter" is an example of McVey's honest lyrical style. What some camouflage does John not. In this bluesy song with a funky bass line, let John hear how he copes with eloquence: "I don't care what you think about me. I got a woman thinks the world of me. I don't care if you know who I am. I don't stutter; I don't give a damn ... " the valve 12" Walking In The Footsteps " shows that simplicity often equal to beauty. Text with a pensive and subdued vocals and acoustic guitar, John brings a moving tribute to his father, who he never has seen: hard times "Was there for my father? Sure there must have been. Wonder if in his life, he found a lover or friend... " ("were difficult times for my father? Know for sure. I wonder if he in his life a loved one or friend found...”)


 "Some comments by producer Andrew Reed: 
"Each song reveals a story – some funny, others raw and gritty and a few that may make you tearful. Just when the last beautiful song is coming to a close, and you are hoping it never ends, John throws in a little surprise... "


"If you want to hear real Texas blues, without the glitter and turd polishing of modern recording... put on John McVey!" ("If you want to hear real Texas blues, without the glitz and without the effect of modern recording techniques that everything beautifully on polishing ... put than John McVey on!")